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Terms and conditions

Deliveries and returns information.

Deliveries will be sent within 24 hours of receipt of order any payment and will be sent 2nd class

Returns must be sent to our head office address unused, unworn and un opened

Faulty or damaged goods will be subject to free returns


Payments and bookings

All payments is requried prior to the commencement of any class or workshop.  Our courses are very xpensive to run and prepare for and to that end we require upfront payment to ensure we are planning appropriately for numbers and child to adult ratios ( where relevant)

Payments are non refundable and non transferable in all cases.  Should you be unable to attend a course please let us know and if sufficient time is provided we can try and find a replacement for you.  This may not be successful and the payments will not be refunded

You may also find a replacement attendee yourself.  This is completely fine but we will need at least 5 working days notice.  We can then ensure that there are no additional needs by sending out our reservation forms to the new course attendee.



If you have paid a deposit to secure your place we will let you know when the final payment is due.  If payment is not made by the due date and contact is not made to discuss an alternative paymenthod we will assume the place is no longer required.  No refund will be provided.

In the cases of parties, a deposit secures the date and allows us to create your party invitations.  That deposit is not refundable.  If we can accommodate another date of your chosing we would be more than happy to do so. 


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Welcome to our Activity page full of games, challenges and FREE healthy eating resources to download for you and your young chefs.  If there is something youd like to see on here  get in touch using our contact us page.


 Download some of our seasonal recipes here.  Or just order our Charity Calendar which is filled with recipes

       Mincemeat for juicy mincepies

       Gingerbread house




Our topic of the week is left over tomatoes. So we thought we would share this game -  its hilarious.    Im rubbish. Bounce the tomato across the kitchen to help it escape the salad.  You get points for each tomato you save....we didn't save many :-) Great for all ages!



Become a coffee shop millionaire with this fun game mixing business with food.  Learn what type of coffee your customers like, set up your stand buy your ingredients, check out the weather and sell sell sell.  The aim is to make the best coffee you can at the price that makes you the biggest profit!  Share with your friends and see who is the ultimate Entrepreneur


Become a Master Sushi Chef or Shokunin wiht this high speed game of sushi making.  Work out your ingredients for each dish, and remember your customers want their food fast!!  



Do you have a family of fussy eaters? Why not try the taste test challenge. Its a fun way to push the boundaries of what you can get your kids to eat.  Chose a theme to go along with your foods. This can be to do with something they are doing in school, an event like Easter (chose foods to do with eggs, chickens, spring vegetables, spring fruits)  or colour (chose food and drink all one colour or why not colour them with some natural colourings). The sky is the limit!!  Download our free game here.



Try our 5 A Day challenge and see how often you can reach or even exceed your 5 A Day target.  Set yourself a challenge and agree a little treat for when you see an improvement - a magazine, a trip to the park to play football, a movie night.  The aim is to improve your intake.  If eating fruit and veg is tricky try the taste test game above to get you started. Download the chart here  Good Luck




Check out our blog for info on how you can get involved in a Healthy Eating Challenge for the family.